The Founder

Silhouette by S is a French brand founded by Sarah Boudenne.
Sarah Boudenne started taking a passionate interest in beauty from an early age, especially the benefits of snail mucin, a natural, environment-friendly ingredient. In 2017, she decided to create her own brand to highlight her ground-breaking products made with snail mucin. She started out manufacturing and marketing just two products, her gentle soap and face repair gel, which both met with instant success. Sarah Boudenne soon expanded her Silhouette by S product range by developing a host of other cosmetics with her laboratory. She then created beauty routines for daily use catering to all skin types.


The products are formulated and manufactured in laboratories in France and Europe. All products are fully compliant with all current regulations, which set the highest standard in terms of safety and efficacy. Silhouette by S cosmetics contain 99% natural ingredients and are tested dermatologically.

Sarah Boudenne has designed several cosmetics ranges featuring snail mucin as their primary ingredient. Snail mucin has been used since ancient times and has long been studied in medicine. Its properties are well known in Japan. Snail mucin is brimming with active ingredients such as collagen, elastin, protein and glycolic acid. It will be your best ally in your daily beauty routine.

The benefits of snail mucin:

- Contains allantoin, which boasts healing and regenerative properties.
- Treats blemishes such as those caused by acne.
- Contains glycolic acid which boasts exfoliating, softening and lightening properties.
- Contains collagen to preserve skin structure.
- Contains elastin to maintain elasticity and a supple skin.
- Contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.
- Boasts natural antibacterial properties to fight infection.
- Attenuates scars, stretch marks and burns.

The mucus is harvested in a spirit of respect for the animal’s natural cycle, using a natural, animal-friendly process.

Precise aims

Silhouette by S meets the needs of all men and women of all ages, whatever their skin colour or type.

- Improves the look of skin

Snail mucin is a natural treasure with many benefits. It will be your flawless beauty product to maintain the quality of your skin. Silhouette by S meets the needs of all men and women of all ages, whatever their skin colour or type.

- Combats wrinkles

Snail mucin is used to prevent or treat wrinkles, promising a well-toned, smooth, youthful and radiant skin. Our formulations have been designed to slow down the ageing of your skin and keep it healthy and flawless.

- Clears acne scars

Allantoin boasts many healing, repairing and regenerative benefits, and glycolic acid boasts exfoliating, softening and lightening benefits. Snail mucin helps to gently yet effectively exfoliate, activating swifter cell renewal. Acne scars are attenuated, slowly but surely.

- Treats a host of skin issues

Snail mucin helps to soothe skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis, burns, scars, spots caused by acne, and irritations in general on both face and body. NB: do not mix several cosmetics with our specific snail mucin range. The active ingredients, specific formulations and different PH in our products are not necessarily compatible with each other and may cancel the benefits of snail mucin in our products.

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