Discover the incredible benefits of snail mucin in our cosmetic treatments, meticulously crafted with up to 99% natural ingredients.

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Silhouette by S, a face and body cosmetic care brand with snail mucin, lets you benefit from its incredible virtues.
Our revolutionary formulations slow down the aging of the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, redensify it and deeply hydrate it, keep it healthy, correct imperfections and repair skin damaged by acne, scars, stretch marks...

The snail mucin used in the Silhouette by S product range is harvested with respect for these precious gastropods. Our harvest is manual.
We harvest the mucus with the greatest respect for the natural cycle of the animal. The snail mucin is collected during a natural process that respects the animal.
All snail mucin treatments are tested under dermatological control.

It is important to avoid mixing multiple cosmetics with our specific snail mucin range.
The active ingredients, specific formulations and different PHs of products are not necessarily compatible with each other and may negate the benefits of snail mucin.

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