Range  Body Routine
 Snail Slime

The BODY BEAUTY ROUTINE meets the various needs of both men and women, who are demanding about their skin. Whether your skin is fragile, oily or dry, dehydrated, damaged by the sun or acne, with recent or old scars, prone to stretch marks, wrinkled and lacking in elasticity or luminosity, follow our BEAUTY ROUTINE advice to maintain beautiful, healthy skin. The BEAUTY ROUTINE is a daily skincare ritual developed for greater efficacy.


includes 4 steps :  

Cleansing – Morning and evening with SNAIL SLIME SOAP

Repairing – Morning and evening with RESTORATIVE BODY GEL

Restoring the skin – Twice a week apply SOAP-MASK

Moisturizing the skin – Morning and evening with SNAIL SLIME RESTORATIVE BODY MILK

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