Ice Skin Care

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Introducing the revolutionary Ice Skin Care, uniquely crafted to contour and sculpt your face. Personalize your beauty routine creatively by adding 3 drops of our vitamin C serum for a luminous complexion.


The cooling effects will:

- Firm your skin.
- Illuminate your complexion.
- Reduce facial puffiness.
- Minimize fine lines.
- Tone and tighten your skin.
- Calm skin inflammation.
- Refine your pores.
- Boost blood circulation.
- Diminish dark circles and under-eye bags.
- Suitable for all skin types.


Avoid contact with eyes. 

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Ice Skin Care

Usage Instructions:

- Easy to Use
- Ensure to cleanse your facial skin before application.
- Fill with water through the top opening. (Do not fill the mold completely as water expands when frozen.
- Freeze for 4 hours.
- Once the water is frozen, remove and let it rest for a few minutes until the ice separates, then begin use.
- Apply to the skin using circular motions at 30-second intervals.
For optimal results, use daily.

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