3-sided sonic brush


While cleaning the skin with your hands is superficial, the use of the revolutionary 3 Sides Waterproof Cleansing Sonic Brush by Silhouette by S allows a deep and perfect cleaning of the skin of your face and your body. While preserving the elasticity of the skin, it removes the deepest dirt. The cleansing brush is also an excellent anti-aging product because it firms the skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Successful results from the first time!

Its daily use activates the active principles of our cleansing skin cares (soap and exfoliant) and promotes the penetration of the virtues of snail slime contained in our rituals. Made of hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone, the Brush is easy to clean and prevents the formation of bacteria.

At the size of your hand, our Waterproof Cleansing Sonic Brush is composed of 3 sides, the smallest of which is designed for fragile areas such as the eye area, the eyebrows, the nose. High frequency, in medical silicone, it allows you to cleanse the skin in depth by descaling all the impurities.

  • Offers 4 pulse intensities
  • The side with the large pins is perfect for the body. To be used with our snail slime SOAP
  • The side with the thousands of small pins is ideal with the EXFOLIATING FACE GEL in order to gently remove dead cells.

23,33 €

-8,25 €

31,58 €


  • Use the Cleansing Brush every day, morning and evening, after removing your makeup with our snail slime MICELLAR WATER.
  • It offers several intensity levels, diffuses 9000 vibrations per minute, and recharges with its USB cable supplied in the box.
  • Before first use, it is advisable to charge the device for 2 hours
  • Use it for 1-minute morning and evening with your favorite cleanser for visibly beautiful skin. You will love its softness and the massage effect!




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COMPOSITIONSilicone hypoallergénique et non-poreux

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