Gamme Face Routine

facial waterproof cleansing sonic brush


The 1 minute beauty gesture

To further improve your BEAUTY ROUTINE, SILHOUETTE byS proposes a FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH, waterproof so that you can use it under the shower or in the bath with the Soap with Snail slime or the Exfoliating Gel.

Perfectly ergonomic, at the size of your hand, this high frequency brush provides your skin with a remarkably effective and very gentle massage thanks to its thousands pins of silicone. It’s non-abrasive, with one side more dedicated to oily skin and the soften side more appropriate to dry or combination skin.

Just 1 minute in the morning and evening to rid your skin of all impurities, stimulate blood circulation and improve the penetration of your care.

Quickly, the skin is brighter and more flexible, pores are minimized and imperfections are reduced, sebum is regulated. Cell renewal is stimulated.

The Silhouette ByS brush cleaner offers up to 6 levels of intensity and delivers 9000 vibrations per minute. It recharges wit hits USB cable provided in the box. Recharge the Brush during 6 hours before 1st usage.

29,08 €

Wash your Face Brush 3 times before 1st usage with soap and water. Let it dry outside the box.

Adopt a Snail Slime ROUTINE FACE BEAUTY, remove makeup with the MICELLAR WATER, clean your skin with the Snail Slime SOAP or the EXFOLIATING GEL in using you CLEANSING SONIC BRUSH, morning and evening.


Twice a week, oxygenate your skin thoroughly with the EXFOLIANT FACE GEL, and rejuvenate each of your cells with the FACE & BODY REPAIR MASK-SOAP.

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